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    Brief Introduction to Reignwood Group

    Founded in 1984, ReignwoodGroup is an international and diversified multinational company with more than 100 branches and subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and North America. Its assets exceed 100 billion RMB and grow at an annual rate of over 30%.

    Serve the country through industry and forge ahead against difficulties. During the time of reform and opening up, Reignwood Group innovated the industrial layout and formed an industrial structure represented by red, green, blue and gold, namely, fast-moving consumer goods, green health industry, strategic investment industry, financial leasing, etc. With its international top-class product quality and service standards, it has built a modern leisure and business life platform.

    Healthy life leads fashion. Reignwood Group is the leader and founder of functional beverages in China. Its five healthy drinks are hotly sold around the world. After more than 20 years of intensive cultivation, the company has established a nationwide sales network, covering over 4 million sale points.

    Green development should focus on innovation. Reignwood Group is an advocate and practitioner of ecological development. It has created a modern service industry cluster including leisure and sports, general aviation, health care, landmark hotels, culture and tourism. It facilitates an idyllic Chinese lifestyle between the green mountains and clear water.

    We should remain true to our original aspiration. Under the historical mission of the new era, Reignwood Group focuses on innovation to drive development and is accelerating its restructuring process. It has made great efforts in investing new strategic and growth industries and is contributing to green economy development in areas of general aviation, resources and energies, environment treatment and improvement, etc.?

    Over the past decades, Reignwood Group has paid RMB 30 billion in taxes and provided tens of thousands of jobs, making continuous contributions in public service areas including targeted poverty alleviation, earthquake and disaster relief, education donation and environmental protection.